Inspiring Academic Achievement & Responsibility
Student motivation is the most important issue in education today. Too few students work to their potential. Until more students decide to work harder, there will be no significant improvement in our schools.Teachers have attempted to motivate students with rewards and punishments. The results speak for themselves. Some students do well. Some do poorly. Most comply, but seldom do their best work. Our success has been limited because we have based our efforts on the mistaken belief that people can be externally motivated to do their best work. In truth, we are motivated from within. InInterested in learning how to inspire student motivation? Use the contact information below to bring practical, interactive workshops to your school or district. Presenter: Bob Sullo, an educator with over 30 years experience, is the author of 6 books about motivation & education, He has presented to educators & parents in the USA, South America, Australia, New Zealand, & Europe.

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